2024 hill climb


Support other riders

Donate to a team, an individual, or Tin Mountain Conservation Center.

Support other riders

How it works

If you choose to fundraise, select the “FUNDRAISING” category option during registration. You will be charged $150 at the time of registration, which secures your spot. You will receive an email to setup a Pledge Reg page. You must raise the minimum of  $200 to meet the $350 registration fee. During the registration process, you will agree to a delayed charge of the difference between the amount raised and $200. Your registered credit card will be charged the difference between $200 and the amount you've raised on August 1, 2024. The balance MUST be paid by August 9 or you will forfeit your registration.

Please don’t stop at the minimum! This year we will be offering fundraising incentives at the different levels starting at $500 total raised ($200 minimum + $300). Incentives coming soon.

If you do not wish to participate in fundraising, select the “OPT OUT FUNDRAISING” category option. You will be charged the full fee of $350 at the time of registration. You will still receive an email inviting you to setup a fundraising page to have a chance at receiving fundraising incentives.

Tiered Fundraising Incentives

Level 1: $500 Raised

Level 2: $1,000 Raised

Level 3: $1,500 Raised

Tin Mountain Branded Hat & Raffle Entry (TBD).

Annual Tin Mountain Membership, Prize & Raffle Entry (TBD).

Annual Tin Mountain Membership, 40 oz. Hydroflask bottle & Raffle Entry (TBD).

Level 4: $3,000 Raised

Lifetime Tin Mountain Membership & Pin, Prize & Raffle Entry (TBD).

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