2023 hill climb


Support other riders

Donate to a team, an individual, or Tin Mountain Conservation Center.

Support other riders

How it works

If you choose to fundraise, select the “FUNDRAISING” category option during registration. You will be charged $150 at the time of registration, which secures your spot. You will receive an email to setup a Pledge Reg page. The minimum amount to fundraise is $200 to meet the $350 registration fee. During the registration process, you will agree to a delayed charge of the difference between the amount raised and $200. If you are unable to raise the minimum by August 6, you are responsible for that difference and will be charged the unmet minimum balance. If the minimum balance is not paid by August 13, you will forfeit your registration.

But don’t stop at the minimum!  This year we will be offering fundraising incentives at the different levels starting at $500 total raised ($200 minimum + $300). Incentives coming soon.

If you do not wish to participate in fundraising, select the “OPT OUT FUNDRAISING” category option. You will be charged the full fee of $350 at the time of registration. You will still receive an email inviting you to setup a fundraising page to have a chance at winning our fundraising incentive prizes.

Tiered Fundraising Incentives

Level 1: $500 Raised

Level 2: $1,000 Raised

Level 3: $1,500 Raised

Tin Mountain Branded Hat + Raffle Entry for 1 of 4 Mountainsmith soft cooler cubes.

Annual Tin Mountain Membership, Prize + Raffle Entry (TBD).

Annual Tin Mountain Membership, Tin
Mountain Handmade Mug, + Prize and Raffle Entry (TBD).

Level 4: $3,000 Raised

Lifetime Tin Mountain Membership & Pin, Tin
Mountain Handmade Mug, Prize + Raffle Entry (TBD).

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